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The ProfiTender service is provided
by a team from enovation.

“We are a sought-after consulting company focused on the public and business sector, with which clients find effective solutions, financial savings and success.”

About the ProfiTender service

The ProfiTender service is provided by enovation s.r.o., which has been active on the grant, investment incentives and tenders market since 2007.

We provide professional services of the comprehensive preparation of administration projects pursuant to Act No. 137/2006 Coll., on public procurement, as amended (hereinafter the “Act”). We also administer tenders co-financed by the EU and carried out according to the regulations of the operational programmes and methodologies set out by the provider of the grant.

We offer clients flexibility, guaranteed confidentiality, discreetness, avoidance of conflicts of interest and full legal liability for the course of the tender proceeding and prepared documents.

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Reasons to use our services:

  • we have extensive experience
  • we provide comprehensive service
  • we have good staffing
  • we are flexible and helpful when it comes to the requirements of our clients
  • we maintain confidentiality of all documents
  • we are insured up to 100 million CZK
  • we have security clearance for confidential level

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About enovation

enovation s.r.o. is number one on the market in the area of consulting, with focus on tenders and public support of the industrial, technological and ICT sectors.

Portfolio of enovation services:

ProfiTender team

Eva Dlouhá
Martina Braunová
Monika Vojtková