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For tenderers

What do we have to substantiate in the offer if we want to put in a tender jointly with other tenderer?
Apart from proving the fulfillment of basic qualification criteria and Certificate of Incorporation for all joint tenderers, it is also required to substantiate an agreement which creates an obligation that all these contractors shall be bound to the contracting authority and third parties jointly and equally.


If the tenderer decides to file a motion for inspection to Office for the Protection of Competition, is it necessary to make a deposit, and if so, then what amount?
Yes, the mover is obliged to make a deposit on the account of Office for the Protection of Competition amounting to 1% of the offer price of the mover at the motion file, however the minimum is CZK 50,000 and the maximum is CZK 2,000,000. If the financial deposit is not made, Office for Protection of Competition is authorized to stop such administrative procedure.